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Nagging shoulder pain?

Due to our modern lifestyles we spend eighty percent of our day sitting. This includes sitting at the computer, sitting for breakfast, sitting on the tube, sitting looking down at our phones, sitting down for dinner and sitting down to watch TV. This puts a lot of stress through our shoulders and we adapt to the position we're constantly in. As a result our shoulder muscle balance changes and you get muscular restrictions and pain.

Most shoulder pain actually stems from THE WAY your shoulder moves. Functionally, your arm should move twice the amount of your shoulder blade. Your arm should come up to thirty degrees before your shoulder blade starts to move and rotate. There is a 2:1 ratio of movement between your shoulder blade and your arm. This is called your scapular-humeral rhythm. However, due to various reasons this can change.

Now this doesn't sound terrible in itself, but it can make your upper back and shoulder very unstable. So functionally your movement pattern changes so that when you bring your arm up to shoulder height, your shoulder blade is moving straight away, which the body has to compensate for.

The body to compensate ends up SHRUGGING AND STRESSING your upper shoulder and neck and at the same time, rolling and pinching the front of the shoulder.

If your movement patterns are not right, your shoulder pain will often come back again and again. This is why it's important to have a thorough examination and to treat the cause of your pain. We excel in treating the cause of your pain, not just the symptoms. Many people come in and see us for shoulder pain and neck pain, which are often related to each other and we endeavor to treat the cause and prevent the pain from coming back again! Book in today for a thorough examination with us! We are central London Chiropractors based in Tottenham Court Road, Aldgate, Bank and Highgate.

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