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Could tight hamstrings be causing your chronic back pain or plantar faciitis?

There are many factors that could be contributing to your lower back pain or the persistence of lower back pain. One factor is the superficial back line; around every muscle you have a sinews of tissue could fascia. Imagine a skin around each muscle, which are connected together in different functional lines.

The superficial back line goes from the base of your feet, around your calfs, around your hamstrings, either side of the spine and up the neck and over the top of the skull. Now what this means are that if you are prone to very tight hamstrings and even calfs, it could be an extra factor causing your back pain. It can also be there reason why sometimes patients can have lower back pain and then it can shift to neck pain.

Interestingly it also acts as a counterbalance for an upright posture, the tension on the line helping us to stand erect. The superficial back line tension develops when we are babies and start having time on our tummies. But when it gets too tight you start to get back pain or even a foot condition called plantar fasciitis. Which is when the think connective tissue on the sole of the foot becomes painful.

Remember to come in for a thorough examination with our central London Chiropractors to check whether this could be one of the factors causing your lower back pain or foot pain!

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