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5 Top Tips For Getting The Most From Your Chiropractic Sessions

1. A picture is worth a thousand words

If you do a very specific sport or exercise and you feel some of the movements are repetitive and contribute to your injury. Do try to get someone to take a picture or a video (coach's eye is a good app), to give your Chiropractor a better understanding. They may be able to give you some advice on how to adapt the movement. Ditto if your feel your desk setup, car seat, sofa etc maybe contributing to your back pain. Your Chiropractor can give you advice, to help change your setup, with the aid of a picture.

2. Do some homework before your appointment

Don't forget to bring in any previous MRI scans or X-rays images on disc, if you have some previously. Also do try and think about which activities, times of the day and particular movements aggravate your pain and which relief it. Also the type of pain; is it stabbing, sharp, dull ache, numb, pins and needles? This will help your Chiropractor to understand if the pain is coming from the joints, ligaments, muscles or nerves.

3. Have realistic expectations

Please don't expect if you have 3 different injuries, for them all to be treated in one session. As Chiropractors, we may work on different areas of the body which can be causing the specific pain. For preventative/ wellbeing style of treatment we may work through the neck and back and pelvis and help mobility and alignment. However, treating headaches, knee arthritis and a tennis elbow in one session, I'm afraid is a bit impossible. Generally we can treat one, occasionally two injuries at a time. We would rather focus and treat the main pain and cause of the pain and do the best job we can! :-)

4. Feel free to bring comfy clothing

We do always have gowns and shorts available in clinic for examinations. However, many patients feel more comfortable bringing their own leggings, shorts, strappy vest. Please feel free to bring clothing you are comfortable in; preferably loose or stretchy and light.

5. Listen to your body

Remember to make time for yourself and book in for a thorough examination with us today! We are Central London Chiropractors based in Aldgate / Bank, Tottenham Court Road / Fitzrovia & Highgate. We treat back pain, neck pain and headaches, with a special interest in sports injuries.

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