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Corporate Chiropractic

How we work //


​There are different options to suite your companies/ sports teams needs.


1. Free Spinal Checks

Our chiropractors are available for FREE 10 minute Chiropractic consultations to check workers and colleagues at companies in the areas of central London, such as Bank, Moorgate, Fenchurch, Liverpool St, Aldgate and Towerhill. (Minimum of 20 people).


We will ask you to send an e-mail to all workers, stating that we will be available at a certain date and time at your offices. Workers will book themselves in for a free 10 minute consultation, where the Chiropractor will do a small examination and give them a brief outline of what is causing their problem or condition, such as back pain, headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain or analyse their posture.


They will then be able to book themselves into our clinic for, for a thorough examination and treatment if needed.

They will also be able to use their health insurance, if included in their work package.


2. Regular onsite Chiropractic Treatments

Some companies/ find aches and pains can cause their staff to be off sick or not work at their "best." Having a regular Chiro come to the office, can help reduce this greatly, improving morale and health in the office. (Minimum 6 treatments booked in, plus postcode dependent.)

3. Coporate Wellness Days

Wondering how to reward your staff or players?  We are available for 3- 6 hour slots for onsite treatments. Please e-mail the clinic on, for more information.

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