The Sacroiliac Joint

Ever wondered what those dimples at the bottom of your spine are for? Some people refer to them as Venus dimples. Well they are not just there to look cute on greek statues, but are the superficial indications of your Sacroiliac joints. These broad long joints are on either side of the keystone shaped bone at the bottom of your spine called your Sacrum.

Put your hands out like you are about to catch a football and that is roughly the angle of these broad joints. When you walk, they move slightly, which we give special names "nutation" and "counter nutation." This describes their to and fro subtle movement. Hold on to your imaginary football in front of you and pretend that you are rotating the ball from side to side and watch your hands. This is similar to the movement these joints do whenever you walk.

Now sometimes these joints can become inflamed and painful and often stiff. Spinal manipulation, which Chiropractors perform is incredibly effective in aiding relieve this type of pain.

Now how does this even happen?

The joints are incredibly complicated due to the fact that the forces through this joints can be effected by so many things. This includes different habitual movements, biomechanical issues, muscle imbalance and strength, a fall, compensation for a stiff spine or hip, ligament laxity (such as in pregnancy), poor core muscles, long term compression (especially at an angle) and even arthritis in the joints.

So if you want to keep your spine tip top and healthy this winter, here are some great tips to keep your Sacroiliac joints healthy!

- avoid crossing your legs

- avoid carrying bags on one side

- avoid hitching the hip out when standing

- avoid keeping your wallet in the same back pocket and sitting on it for hours

- avoid sitting at an angle for long periods

- avoid having your computer screen not directly in front of you

- try sleeping in fetus position with a pillow between your knees

- wearing properly supportive shoes

- make sure you get up from your desk every 45 minutes

- if standing all day, make sure you sit down every 45 minutes

- try to keep your pelvis in neutral and avoid arching your back

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