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Frequently Asked Questions //

How many treatments will I need?


The number of treatments greatly depends on a variety of factors, such as;


  • How long the have you had the condition? New conditions respond quicker, chronic long term conditions take longer. Equally severe conditions take longer than mild conditions to treat.


  • Will you do your exercies, as perscribed? Patients that really put everything into getting better, will improve the fastest.


  • Choose whether you purely want pain relief or rehabilitation as well? Many clients choose to not only get rid of their pain, but to improve their bodies function aswell, working on posture, alignment and muscle balance for long term prevention and to treat the root cause of their discomfort. The Chiropractor may ask which of these roads you would like to take.


  • The age of the patient; older patient's tissues heal and adapt more slowly.


  • What is your work style? Will you be conteracting treatment doing manual work etc.


  • Every patient is unique; the Chiropractor does regular reassessments, checking the intial findings, to analyse functional recovery, as well as your symptomatic recovery








Can I carry on exercising?


Depending on your condition, some exercies may aggravate the condition such as running and other impact exercises. The Chiropractor may ask you to avoid certain exercises whilst you are being treated. They will ask give you specific exercises to do at home, to increase the speed of your recovery.


What is the clicking sound?


Inside every joint, there is synovial fluid, when a small amount of torsion is applied to the joint, gas in the joint can move, and heard as a clicking sound. A bit like popping a cork on champagne! This does not mean it's a "good" adjustment. Studies show clicking is not necessary to rehabilitate a dyfunctional spinal joint.


What do adjustments feel like?


Most patients feel an instant release and immediate reduction in pain and greater range of movement. The Chiropractor will always ask you to "breathe out" during an adjustment. This is so the muscles are relaxed as possible,  giving you the best adjustments.


Do Chiropractors just adjust?


Not at all! Adjustments may be our bread and butter, however here at The Fenchuch Chiropractic Clinic, we use stretches, muscle release techniques, sports taping, cryotherapy, rehabilitative exercises and much more to get you to your peak. Sometimes adjustments may not be suitable, expecially if a patient has osteoporosis, the Chiropractor will use gentle mobilisation Chiropractic techniques instead. Treatments are 20 minutes, adjustments taking just  a few minutes of that time.

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