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Paul Francois Charvolen, M.Chiro |

General Chiropractic Council Member



Paul graduated from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic with an Masters in Chiropractic. His fascination with anatomy, physiology and bodily function, particularly in relation to sporting performance, began at a very early age. It was this, combined with his own personal experience of competing in Volleyball at a high level, both as a player and a coach. that led him to study for a BSc in Sport and Physical Activity Technical Sciences in Nice, France.

During his degree Paul’s specialist interest area centred around how to improve quality of life through adapted physical activity for people living with a range of conditions (e.g. autism, mental illness, obesity, paralysis and physical limitations caused by old age) or impeded by their social environment (e.g. prisoners). This included extensive research into the efficacy of natural therapies in helping the body to heal, thereby igniting his passion for healthcare and Chiropractic.

Upon graduation from his degree and spurred on by his interest in both neurology and biomechanics, Paul decided to train as a Chiropractor. Commenting on his journey to becoming a Chiropractor, Paul says: “Being able to help the body’s natural healing process, through techniques and understanding why this works is incredible. I get a huge amount personally from being able to help my patient's get their bodies back to their natural, healthy states and helping them reach peak performance."

Extra Languages: Fluent French


Paul’s techniques include Diversified, Thomson, Activator, and ART (active release techniques).

Paul treats at our Tottenham Court Road branch.

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